We continue to deny the ill effects of overpopulation in the face of a pandemic. What could be worse?

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“As per IMD count, it can be called a “normal year”. But those who had their houses or basements flooded would disagree, and so would BBMP which had to deal with those floods, and also has to fix the Vrishabhavathi embankment. One hopes the embankment will stand for some years at least.”

“Although the reasons for this unequal spread of suffering are diverse, the most vulnerable groups all too often share certain characteristics. Indigenous communities, for example, are often more immediately reliant on natural resources, and so more likely to feel the adverse effects of a ‘natural disaster’. Likewise, in many parts of the world, financially poorer communities are already dealing with poor housing infrastructure, and so vulnerable to weather damage. Overwhelmingly, extreme weather events exacerbate societal and systemic inequalities that already run deep.”

Unplanned cities thus not only contribute to global climate change by emitting the majority of anthropogenic
GHGs but are also particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change and extreme weather.

  1. Man demands property, gouges out father’s eyes
  2. In Delhi, 76-Year-Old Woman Dies After Being Slapped By Son: Report

“For decades, impoverished families preferred boys to girls because they could avoid the burden of paying dowries. The tradition has persisted even as laws have been enacted prohibiting such customs. Males are also traditionally expected to care for their parents in their old age; a female becomes part of her husband’s family after marriage, and her life becomes focused on her in-laws.”

“Suicide remains among the top ten causes of death globally (Ferrari et al., 2010). Rates are usually higher in men, in those with psychiatric disorders and past attempts, substance abuse and in developing countries (Vigo et al., 2016). The global burden is increasing, and the World Health Organization (WHO) has called upon for a global action to prevent suicides (Fleischmann and De Leo, 2014). On this background, the COVID-19 crisis is surely a ‘double-hit’ increasing the susceptibility.”

“Suicide itself is considered to be a pandemic. A large-scale outbreak like COVID-19 can easily overwhelm the available public health resources, needing more workforce on the ground. Besides, prompt treatment of psychiatric disorders, increasing mental health promotion and awareness as well as reducing social risks like poverty are other broader strategies for suicide prevention. While all of these measures are equally important and applicable even to the pandemic situation, certain specific risks during COVID-19 crisis might need special measures at different levels”

“Poverty is believed to be the leading cause of overpopulation. A lack of educational resources, coupled with high death rates leading to higher birth rates, result in impoverished areas seeing large booms in population.”

  1. Improving access to quality education: This entails imparting knowledge on family planning and birth control measures, at the high school stage itself.
  2. Educating the girl child: This reduces the chances of her being dependent on the family system as an adult, and will no longer enable men to hold women hostage in unhappy marriages.
  3. Making changes to policy, without it being perceived as restrictive by citizens: Being child-free, or having just a single child must be incentivized by world governments.
  4. Removing barriers to contraception: Educating the underprivileged and lower classes about contraception and removing any preconceived notions about it.
  5. Solving inequality: Inequality is one of the primary drivers of overpopulation. When citizens, particularly women, are educated, empowered and financially unburdened, they seldom aspire to have children or follow a family way of life.




I am an avid trekker, content writer, photographer and sports enthusiast. I write about trekking, society, overpopulation, lifestyle and veganism in general.

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I am an avid trekker, content writer, photographer and sports enthusiast. I write about trekking, society, overpopulation, lifestyle and veganism in general.

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