Typical victim blaming that plays out all over the world in different colours. When someone tells you to feel "lucky" about certain happenings, they are literally comparing their circumstances with yours, even though they may be generations apart and have absolutely nothing in common.

Its like asking millennials to feel lucky because, as per boomers, they didn't have as much opportunities as they do now. Very conveniently forgetting that we live on an extremely crowded planet where all millennials are jostling for the same space to exist.

So basically I should feel lucky to have a 6 figure income job, where I have to wake up as early as possible, finish all household chores, walk or run to the train station, travel under someones armpit (if I still haven't been shoved, beaten, or racially attacked that day), sit at a desk for 9 stiffling hours, get back home, eat from a box and crash on the bed. No clean air, choc-a-bloc traffic jams, extreme weather every year in the form of cyclones, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, surviving on junk food and therapy shopping to get by.

So damn lucky!

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