The truth could not be better put. This accessibility to a massive trove of people turns us into nothing but products that can be neatly put back in the shelf after touching and feeling, never to be purchased.

This is why I keep away from online dating and other kinds of apps, especially when the sex ratio is so skewed in my country. I know for a fact that every girl out there already has hundreds of unread messages in her inbox, to conveniently use and gain access when the current fling goes sour or goes bad.

Whereas, for most (average looking) guys she must be the only girl or one of the handful of girls that they're currently chatting with. So there's a huge incentive and an out for her and she could be triggered by the smallest of transgressions and wouldn't even have to care about what you think. Why should she? There's a dozen more lined up and dying for her attention.

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