Love this to shreds. And its true for a variety of reasons.

1.) Attention spans have fallen drastically.

2.) From an algorithm and SEO perspective it would be better to churn out short form content everyday, rather a single 2000+ worder every 3 days.

3.) Just like you said, it would be better to give more "touch points" to the relationship by breaking down the idea for a 2000 word article and posting a piece of it everyday in the form of an entirely new post.

4.) I would retain much more from an 800 worder than from a 2000 worder.

5.) You increase the probability of more articles being read by linking one to another, because they all connect to the same topic.

6.) And last but not the least, you just have more to share across social media. Why would I give up the chance to pop up on my follower's timelines everyday, instead of every 3 days?

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