Love this. My manager at my previous job was constantly on FTO for his kids' sports day, national day, PTM day, sick days and everything in between. And the company totally understood. However when it came to my passions which required me to be outdoors every weekend which made me choose to either be terribly late to work each monday morning, or arrive in like a sleep deprived zombie, i was offered no such considerations.

I was always expected at my desk no later than 9.30 and they never gave us a laptop which would let me work from home. The only options we juniors had were to be at work or totally not, using up precious leaves which I didn't need. I was totally fine working Mondays and all I wanted was to come in a few hours late, which I was ready to make up by staying late as well.

Procreation and family life is very subtly and unintentionally incentivized at most organizations out there.

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