It's really depressing that most people from my parents' (boomer) generation only know how to work and not live. Over time I've got to know that there are people who know how to work, and there's people who know how to live.

Many people have a very strong identity tethering to their line of work, which is why most of them get into depression or feel suicidal on losing a job, or staying out of one for a long time. While at work, they devote a hundred percent of time and effort to the company and forget to develop a personality outside of it for themselves.

They don't know how to fill their days and what to do with their time. They literally feel empty and anxious if they don't find themselves inside an office on a weekday morning. Like their life is almost over.

But smart people who have left the corporate rat race, or are still in it but have a personality developed outside of it, know how to fill their time and days for eternity. They've developed enough hobbies and passions to capitalize later on. Okay I'd better stop now, before this becomes an article itself. xD

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