I totally resonate with everything you've said since I'm also going through the exact same thing right now. Sometimes its the music, sometimes its the people around you who cause the deafness. When you're forced to keep yelling to be heard.

You live with deaf people or people hard of hearing, and you'll end up like them. It's not me saying that. It's what the doctor said. I don't use headphones every single day, and even when I do, I don't blast the music loud so even other people can hear it. (but that's literally what my friends do all the time). Seems like its some sort of millennial badge of honour just like sleep deprivation to blast music loud enough that you shouldn't be able to hear it when someone calls you.

At least for me, the cause is the former rather than the latter. So I'm hoping the ringing will finally subside when I move out of where I'm living right now. Most days, it's pretty light and tolerable, but there are days where it makes you want to pull your hair out. Hang in there!

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